Trying out another blog spot

I've caved in, I must confess. I have created another blog at, none other than, the (or is it I call it Koda.Karma. I am not defecting from I have chosen to blog on my work on another blog site just to have a feel of what it has to offer. So far, I still think WordPress is more simple and at the same time has more features that matter. Blogspot, even though it is affiliated to Google, does not feel integrated with it like GMail or Google Calendar. For one thing, I have to create a totally new account to use Blogspot. And the fact that it is sometimes called Blogger and sometimes Blogspot feels rather disorienting.

By the way, what do you call a website offering people to host their blogs? Blog spot? Blog site? Blog server? Blog host?


Google World Domination Is Complete!

When Google introduced GMail and a friend was kind enough to invite me to become a GMail member, I thought, this could be the best web mail ever. I had been using Hotmail and Microsoft whatchamacallit before then and they were pale by comparison. Not to mention the ever so clunky Outlook Web Access my previous company had which I totally refused to use. I joked to a friend that if GMail would have a calendar utility in it would be the Killer App on the Internet. She corrected me by saying that Yahoo Mail already had a calendar utility (plus a lot of other things). I could not really explain why I did not switch from the rudimentary GMail to full-feature Yahoo Mail then.
But now Google has introduced Google Calendar. I believe Google attempt at World Domination is complete! Well, almost. If it starts to have integrated and seamless wiki and blogs, I don't think anybody would need to use anything else. Will I still be using WordPress when that happens?

Halal Education?

Malaysia is working hard to become the global Halal Hub. Halal has traditionally been associated with food products. But now we are talking about the complete Halal value chain: "from finance to investment, livestock to manufacturing, processing to packaging, freight to logistics through retail and restaurants", according to the Halal Journal.

But shouldn't we include Education in the Halal value chain? Is there such thing as the Halal Education? After all, it is the people who makes the Halal value chain possible. As such there is a compelling reason for Halal Education. The Halal Journal, March+April 2006, while it does not outright call it Halal Education, features an article, "QIDS School: Instilling Faith in Education". QIDS, a shortform for "Quranic Intelligence Development System", is a school, or rather, a paradigm, lead by Rozzi Abdul Wahab, that integrates Islamic teachings into the normal Malaysian National Curriculum. As she puts it, the QIDS platform is built on four pillars: Iman (faith), Ilmu (knowledge), Amal (practice) and Ehsan (excellence). I believe Ehsan is the part that elevates a person to a Halal state of being.

There is too much decay in the society. We could see how the people around us becoming more selfish every day, from people doing selfish acts while driving to companies destroying the Earth. While one could argue that this is happening to all people of all faiths, one cannot avoid the fact that Muslims make up the majority of the population. We must start to teach what is Halal to our young ones and how it makes our lives better. I think QIDS is moving in the right direction. Visit QIDS at and the Halal Journal at

A more eloquent treatment of Islamic Education (than this blog entry) can be found in The Real Purpose of Education by Khalid Baig.