Google World Domination Is Complete!

When Google introduced GMail and a friend was kind enough to invite me to become a GMail member, I thought, this could be the best web mail ever. I had been using Hotmail and Microsoft whatchamacallit before then and they were pale by comparison. Not to mention the ever so clunky Outlook Web Access my previous company had which I totally refused to use. I joked to a friend that if GMail would have a calendar utility in it would be the Killer App on the Internet. She corrected me by saying that Yahoo Mail already had a calendar utility (plus a lot of other things). I could not really explain why I did not switch from the rudimentary GMail to full-feature Yahoo Mail then.
But now Google has introduced Google Calendar. I believe Google attempt at World Domination is complete! Well, almost. If it starts to have integrated and seamless wiki and blogs, I don't think anybody would need to use anything else. Will I still be using WordPress when that happens?


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  1. Shirley
    Apr 18, 2006 @ 21:23:20

    can you believe just a few short years ago, there was no such word as Google? amazing world we have here.




  2. myusri
    Apr 18, 2006 @ 22:08:43

    It is amazing and somewhat scary. I have also just found out that actually Google has blogs: Oh, well. But I’m not switching camp just yet.


  3. Harriet
    Apr 21, 2006 @ 01:48:47

    Hmm.. Heard of Google AdSense? You might want to reconsider =P

    I myself might fall into video blogging one day. Hmm, maybe..

    BTW, think you would like this..


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