Malaysia, Truly Asia

…in a twisted sort of way.

I have got three colleagues from India in my team at work. Because of the long Labour Day weekend last week (most of the rest of the world celebrate Labour Day on May 1, by the way), they decided to visit the beautiful island of Langkawi. They chose to take the bus to Penang and from Penang a ferry to Langkawi. They had bought the bus tickets well beforehand. So they went to the Puduraya Bus Station on Friday midnight to take their bus. They were happy to see their bus waiting for them. You see, the bus plate number and the plate number of an alternate bus, just in case the first was full, were written on their tickets.

There was however a slight problem. There was a mean-looking muscular bouncer standing in front of the bus entrance. And he told them that the bus was full. And so too was the alternate bus which happened to sit behind the first bus. They needed to wait for the next bus, he told them off. Unsatisfied with what was happening and the fact that the bouncer talked very little English, one of my friends went into the first bus to talk to the bus driver. The bouncer could not let this breach into his territory come to pass. He pulled my friend out of the bus. What transpired next was something my friends would never forget. The bouncer started to display his skills at martial art. My friends ran in all directions before any of his flying kicks landed on any one of them. And nobody in the crowded bus station came to their rescue.
So there went their attempt at going to one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. And a total of RM240.00 for bus tickets down the drain. Depressed, they went to a pub to drink the night away. At least, the bouncer at the pub let them in.


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