Calvin and Hobbes Versus Lucy and Danae

My wife and I have a stack of Calvin and Hobbes compilation books we have collected some time back which went underutilized until recently. Suddenly, my 6-year old daughter has developed an interest in Calvin and Hobbes and she has been reading them regularly ever since. Her dream, she has shared with us, is to transmogrify somehow into Lucy so that she could teach Calvin how to properly treat a girl, I guess.

But recently, I found Lucy and Danae from the Non Sequitur comic strip when I included it in my personalized Google homepage. I had never really paid attention to Non Sequitur before this. I could not help but notice certain similarities between Calvin and Hobbes and Lucy and Danae. The only thing is Danae is girl and her imaginary friend is some kind of a horse. Not to mention that Danae is more clever than Calvin. I think I will introduce Lucy and Danae to my daughter and I am sure she will be elated. She may have a hard time understanding the dark humour but she will be able to relate better with Danae.

In the beginning... 


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  1. Chris
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 20:18:50

    I’m sorry, but Danae is more clever than Calvin? I think not. If you revisit your Calvin and Hobbes compilations, you’ll note that Calvin spends an inordinate amount of time pondering metaphysical dilemmas and continually outwits his parents, babysitter, and teacher.
    IMO, Danae and Lucy are a Calvin and Hobbes clone, but with the gender roles reversed. I mean, look at Jeffrey… he’s a male version of Susie Derkins.


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