Da Vinci Code

My wife and I went to see the "Da Vinci Code" last Wednesday. We loved it.

I have read the book before. Unfortunately, I have also read "Angels and Demons" too and my mind had juxtaposed the two together into one confused mixed-up version. I thought there were going to be hi-tech jet, the CERN and Hassassin killing the cardinals. But, it took only a few minutes into the movies to get my mind to realign to the correct story line. I believe Ron Howard has been successful in bringing the book to the screen because watching the movie felt almost like reading it.

I notice that a lot of reviewers on this movie have been rather critical of it. Who can really blame them when there has been a lot hypes surrounding the book and subsequently the movie. It started with Dan Brown on National Geographic, if I am not mistaken, tried unconvincingly to claim that the book was based on historical facts. He should've just accepted the fact that book has been a work of pure fiction. And a few weeks before the premier of the movie, NatGeo and Discovery Channel featured a barrage of programs that more or less debunked the various claims in the book. They for sure made you well-informed but they kind of spoiled the fun in watching the movie if you ask me. My wife, on the other hand, thought that these programs helped her in understanding the movie because she has not read the book.

Don't worry, I don't think any good Christian would have abandoned his faith due to this book/movie. Those who have done so would have done so with or without it. "What matters is what you believe," as Tom Hank has said in the movie. And I thought his hair looked just fine too.


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