Mawas Intrigue

The Bigfoot mania in Malaysia started a little more than 6 months ago. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has a complete rundown of news articles related to this phenomena. It even has a theory on why Bigfoot research could be more acceptable in Malaysia than currently in the West. Even the BBC News seems to report the Malaysia Bigfoot mania in a disparaging tone by saying that we are doing it because we love anything big. I think had it been stark naked hairless toyols and there is somebody committed enough to get the authorities to see the value in finding them, we would have done the same.

Over the weekend, a new “official” website,, has been erected by the environmentalist who started it all, Vincent Chow, who convinced the authorities to take the Bigfoot sightings seriously, and his assistant Sean Ang, identified as a palaeoanthropologist by The News Straits Time. Ang later said on the same website that he is an IT specialist at Mimos. His “reverse evolution theory” has stirred some controversy as can be seen from the response to a blog entry at Cryptomundo, a Bigfoot enthusiast blogsite, which refers to the NST article reporting the theory.

Bigfoot existence in Malaysia is definitely very intriguing. But currently it is more a media circus than anything else. Earlier when the whole thing started, there were news reports on local scientific expeditions to confirm their existence. But what came out of it is not clear. Maybe it is still on-going. In addition, there isn’t any indication that the international scientific community is showing an interest in the whole thing. has promised to upload a paper that talks about the Bigfoot evidence. Could not wait to see it. However, while it was okay this morning, the website seems to be down tonight.


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