I apologize for the title. Water is the only part that is common between the word above and water intoxication. Both terms are new to me but I thought ‘hydrophobicity‘ as a title is more catchy.

I never thought we can get fatally intoxicated from drinking water. Apparently we could. This was exactly what happened to a woman who participated in a radio contest recently. The sad thing was that some listener had already called to warn about the danger of water intoxication which could include death (but the participants did not seem to hear it). What is even more sad is the fact that she and the other contestants had signed the “release” forms. According to the sheriff probing the incident, there would be little chance charges would be filed against the radio station. This does not feel right. She might not have been sufficiently warned of the danger of saturating her body with water.

I will still try to stick with the advice to drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of enough water every day. Also, as parents, my wife and I are always reminding our kids to drink their water. Maybe I should try to avoid drinking water too much in a short duration of time when I try to sooth my sore throat when I am having my flu? (I know, I know, maybe I should talk to my doctor.)


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