What will happen after we die?

No, I am not asking a religion question. Rather, it is a question of practical consequence. I sometimes wonder: What will eventually happen to our blogs after we die?

My hope is they will not be erased due to some inactivity policy by the blogging service providers. Hopefully, they will band together to make the World Wide Web the great archiver (memory, if you will) for eternity so that people from generations to come would still be able read what clever and stupid things we wrote.

We in Malaysia have just lost someone very unique who has touched us in some way in our lives. I, for one, would hate it if suddenly Yasmin — the Story Teller Part 1 or Part 2 would suddenly disappear just because she is not around anymore.

Farewell Yasmin Ahmad. You and your aspiration will live on forever in our hearts. We wish we could have had a longer journey with you

…I don’t really have a goal; goals are so overrated. If you set yourself on a goal too much you lose sight of the journey.
— Yasmin Ahmad

May God bless you.