Pluto: Once found, now lost

Why does size always have to matter? Pluto does orbit around the Sun in its own orbit and the planet is round enough. it is definitely different from the whole bunch of shapeless and nameless (and not so nameless) asteroids which meander gregariously around the Sun. Pluto has been with me since I got a couple of astronomy books from my aunt who returned from the UK when I was a kid in the 70’s. (I was hoping for a telescope but she got me astronomy books instead.)

My kid has a song on the nine planets in the solar system from her preschool. I guess that song needs to be amended. To tell you the truth, the song would sound better with eight planets but she also could not understand why Pluto has been downgraded into obscurity. I told her, either eight planets, or she would need to include Xena and Ceres too. She sort of agreed that eight planets would be less complicated.

But do not despair, Pluto lovers! There is a movement, backed by dissatisfied astronomers themselves, to overturn the demotion of Pluto. Yes, let us get our Pluto back!

By the way, my kid has asked for a telescope for her birthday. I may get her some astronomy books instead.