Karyanet website is back

When I couldn’t access Karyanet website last weekend and, from my Google searches, I found Karyanet “Sistem ini ditutup” (System brought down), I hastily concluded that the whole Karyanet website has been brought down until mid-April for maintenance based on the Google cached result. Apparently I have misunderstood the whole thing. It seems like only the services for Karyanet registered members are down. Oopps! Whatever it is, I have found alternative services I need from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) website itself. I don’t think I would need Karyanet anymore.


Kamus Dewan moved!

I wrote a little less than a year ago about the Kamus Dewan could already be used online. It was hosted at the Karyanet web site. Unfortunately Karyanet is down until middle of April this year for “maintenance”. Could you imagine if WordPress went down that long for maintenance?

But despair not! The online Kamus Dewan has been brought back to where it should have been in the first place — to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) web site. It bewildered me the first time I learned about the online Kamus Dewan not being hosted at DBP. Kamus Dewan will and should forever be associated with DBP. The two monikers are simply inseparable.

You could now search words in Kamus Dewan and other DBP great resources like Tesaurus Bahasa Melayu Dewan (thesaurus), Kamus Inggeris-Melayu Dewan (English-Malay dictionary), Kamus Pelajar (learner’s dictionary), Kamus Istimewa Peribahasa Melayu (Malay idioms dictionary) and Kamus Komputer (computer dictionary), among other things, all at the same time at Carian Kata DBP. The usability could still be improved (the page reloading and window resizing problems are driving me nuts) but I would say this is the ultimate tool for Bahasa Melayu users. Just make sure you pick one search category (‘Kategori‘). The All (‘Semua‘) category is pretty useless because it would only return the number of matches from each category.

One neat thing also is, from the same place, you could search Malay pantuns (rhymes). I know Valentine’s Day has passed already, but you could search pantuns on ‘cinta‘ (love) or ‘merana‘ (agony), for example.

I reckon Carian Kata is the coolest thing DBP has ever created for us Malay language users. What more do we want?

(See also Karyanet ditutup sementara! (Karyanet closed temporarily) where I initially found Rujukan Kamus Terbitan DBP which seemed to be an incomplete half-baked version of Carian Kata DBP.)